Clash of Clans some tips for begginers

Clash of Clans Expansion Tips

Clash of Clans is one of the most addicting mobile games to date. It is basically an epic strategy game that lets you build your own medieval village. It lets you build your own army and be part of a Clan that battles other players worldwide. Downloading is free but there are In-App purchases enabling players to get gems using real money and get ahead quickly in the game.


In able to build and expand your village, you will need resources. The three kinds of resources in Clash of Clans are gold, elixir and gems. Gold coins are used for purchasing various decorations, removing obstacles, and building defensive structures. They are also spent to upgrade specific buildings in your village. The pink substance is called the elixir. This can be earned from resource structures or stolen when you destroy and raid a goblin camp from another village.clash-of-clans-free-gems

The gems are the most valuable resource that can speed up construction. You can acquire gems through in-app purchases or through the game’s promotions. You can even trade the gems for coins and elixir. But why buy resources with real money when you can get them for free? The Clash of Clans hack is available online at a click distance.

Build your Defenses

Once you’ve established your resources, it’s time to start construction of your defense structures. Archer tower, mortar and cannon will be available when you reach Town Hall level 3. The trick is to build all of them and place them strategically around your village. Strategic placement of resources in particular, is most vital. When you go offline, your village is susceptible to attacks. And it can be infuriating to find your resources have depleted because of your weak defenses.

Walls are your most important lines of defense. When you’ve built structures that require protection, you need to think carefully about their placement. Because there are limited numbers of walls that can be built, make sure your storage, collectors and armies are behind walls. This is to protect them and make them last longer during an attack.


In other games, you need to level up in order to unlock new items and contents. Clash of Clans on the other hand requires you to upgrade buildings in order to unlock game items.

Attacking and Looting

Attacking is an essential part of the game. This is where you loot enemy villages for more resources. In order to win these attacks, you need to create your own army and use the right strategies; strategies are essential to win said attacks. Choosing which among your army at particular levels will increase your chances at winning.

When attacking, your foremost goal is to destroy the defense structure of the enemy village that does the most damage first. Having more barbarians than archers is the way to go when at Town Hall levels 3 and 4.

Deploy your barbarians to the mortar and wait until it is completely destroyed. Then bring them over to the archer tower. Your own archers can then start attacking the army camps.


Being part of a Clan lets you participate in Clan Wars. A Clan War is a 2-day event wherein winners with the most stars get bonus loot, Clan XP and Clan perks.

Clash of Clans is a simple yet challenging game. These few basic guidelines will help any newbie to get ahead in the game more quickly. But as with any game, you will encounter some mistakes. Learn from them and form your own strategies as you go along.

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