A quick review on one of the most popular mobile games

We are sure that you heard of Clash Royale game and you want to know how it is to play before you start to do it. In our article you will find how to begin playing Clash Royale and what strategies are good to be adopted by you. If you really want to be strategic and to play as a professional this game, you need to already know what it is about and to analyze what you should do and when.

First, you have to download it from Google Magazine/Play for Android or from Apple Store for iOS. You can play Clash Royale on your smartphone, tablet or notebook.

When you first open it you need to choose a username for you. After that, the game will begin with some training matches. These matches are made for training you in battles before play with another player. You really need them because otherwise you will do not know how to fight and you will lose. You can learn in time, during the battles strategies and how to do it, but your level increase will be slow and you will lose not only the battle, but also experience, gems and elixir and you really need to use them properly. One thing that can help you out with these tasks is the Clash Royale hack, as having unlimited amounts of gems can make everything easier.


First, you will play with robots. What you need to do? To destroy enemy towers with your troops. You will see a hand that will show you where you can place your troops. You have a limited space for your troops; you can’t place them too close from the enemy towers. You can put your troop in front of which tower you want and he will attack it first. Once you select your troop, 3 elixir will be used (from 10 you have available). You can get the elixir filled up quickly every time by using the Clash Royale hack, as with the generated gems you’re able to pay for anything. To get them please go to: https://fr.hivegaming.net .

Down on screen you will see what cards and spells you have available. On them is written how many elixir you need to deploy them.

You need to choose the right troops because in your advancing to the tower they will attack you and you need to use troops with very much health points. If you destroy one tower, you will see it on your screen. When you destroy all the towers, you will win. After a win, you will win a chest. You need to tap to unlock it and you will unlock also shop in Arena 1.

clash royale gameplay

During the game, you will be constantly unlocking new arenas. But you can speed up the progress and unlock each of them faster by using the Clash Royale hack from: https://de.hivegaming.net .

Each chest has a specific time for open. In the beginning, after your first training match you will win a chest that will open after 15 minutes. You can win gold, new cards and gems. After that, you can see them in the place where are placed all the cards.

In the time you use the elixir it will recharge by itself. During the game you can buy some updated that will make your elixir recharge faster. Each spell and troop is doing something specific and is better to use them on specific buildings or troops. You need to learn what each spell and troop is doing and what he is the best for. As a final reminder, the most popular search terms at the moment for this game are the Clash Royale astuce and the Clash Royale cheats.

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