Excess Pencil Box Of Cloth

There are many optional pencil boxes in terms of both design and material, such as from fabric, iron, and plastic. However, there are interesting advantages if you use a pencil case of cloth:

    Does not make a loud noise. A pencil case made of fabric usually has a zipper as a place to open and close this box. The advantage is, this pencil box is anti-noisy like iron or plastic that must sound loud when opened and closed.

    Do not change shape when falling. Another interesting advantage of a unique pencil-based pencil case is more durable because it is not easy to change shape. Because the pencil box of iron material will usually dent when falling even though falling from the desk to the floor. If it’s dent like this then we need to buy a new one because children usually do not like the damaged school equipment. It would be much more convenient and cost-effective to use a pencil case from the fabric. More info you can visit Desk pen tray

    It will not get ripped easily. In addition to not easily dented pencil containers made of cloth is also not easily torn, so safe to use by children who are still in the early school. Considering that they are often careless in placing pencils and likes to play with their pencil case. Sometimes they even play fun with the pencil case so often tore when using a plastic pencil box.

    More flexible loads. In contrast to the nature of the pencil box of iron or plastic materials whose capacity will remain, so that the cargo is limited. Instead, on a pencil case of cloth We can fill up more stationery inside without worrying about not being able to close. Because the fabric that will be elastic to a certain size makes it able to store more school stationery, even tools for drawing or painting.

    The guaranteed price is more affordable. The pencil box usually has a pretty funny design, and some are made of unique materials that increase their appeal. Especially for a pencil case of fabric We will find a very affordable price so much more economical.