The Most Popular Female Hairstyle in America

Hairstyle trends often follow the style of famous people. Whether it’s celebrities, members of the kingdom, state officials, or anyone.
Hairstyle trends often follow the style of famous people. Whether it’s celebrities, members of the kingdom, state officials, or anyone. Hairstyles are usually followed because of unusual cuts or because people who have them are idolized by many people.
has summarized a haircut that had become a trend from time to time. Following the review

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1. Jennifer ‘Rachel’ Aniston piece

When playing the character Rachel in the Friends sitcom in 1994, Jennifer Aniston’s haircut was favored by more than 11 million women in the world. The hairstyle is square layered. Until now there are still many women who cut hair with these models.

2. Shag

In 1998, Meg Ryan cut hair with a shag model. This haircut looks relaxed but still attractive. His trademark is the bumpy edges, many layers, and a number of textures.

3. Sleek bob

\Some time ago, the sleek bob hairstyle sparked by Dannii Minogue became a favorite of the Eve. How not, this hairstyle looks simple but still elegant. The model is different from pixie bob and short hair in general.

4. Princess Diana’s hair style

During her part of the British Empire, Princess Diana has stolen the attention and is loved by many people. So it is not strange if the hairstyle is then imitated by women in the world. The haircut looks elegant and until now there are still many who follow it.

5. Posh bob

Victoria Beckham’s posh bob haircut has also stolen attention. Haircuts from this model are asymmetrical but still interesting to look at. So it is not wrong if this hairstyle is one of the most popular in the world.

6. Feathered Flip

In the 1970s to early 1980s, feathered flip hairstyles became popular with both men and women. This hairstyle is allowed to grow long on both sides and usually covers the ears to the shoulders and does not have a layer on the side or center. Then the hair will be combed backwards, making it look like a bird’s feather. Many celebrities who choose this hairstyle, including Farrah Fawcet.

7. Michelle Obama’s classic piece

Since becoming the first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama’s classic haircut has become a favorite of many people. His haircut makes him look confident and elegant.

8. Blonde curls

Talking about this one haircut certainly can not be separated from Marilyn Monroe. Millions of women in the world imitate this hairstyle, even to the way to style and color hair. In addition, some people believe that a curly and blonde hairstyle can be sex appeal.

9. Pixie

For those who love short hair, the pixie model can be said to be a favorite. This haircut is generally short on the back and sides but slightly longer in the section, and very short bangs. Indirectly, the haircut once chosen by Mia Farrow also implies a feminine impression.

10. Layered locks

Blake Lively’s long hairdo when she plays Rachel in the Gossip Girl movie also grabs attention. Her hair is dyed blonde with a layered screen which is loved by many people.