Tips for choosing hair curlers

A woman definitely needs a variety of beauty products to improve or add elements of facial beauty to the body. During this time many women assume beauty is everything, and therefore beauty products such as vise are needed to straighten hair or make hair more bumpy.
Regarding the product and price of curly vise in the market, it has been very diverse from cheap to most expensive. So far, catokan yang bagus products are needed to enhance the appearance of hair, no wonder that until now many women need vise so that they look more beautiful.
Although a hair dryer in the form of a vise can have a devastating effect, the need and interest to buy is still high. Maybe Prelovers wants a hair clamp product cheap enough but the quality is guaranteed okay. Here are some tips on choosing a special vise product to make your hair more curly or wavy.

Hair straightener vise or widely known by the term ‘hair curling’ is a device consisting of two pieces of iron facing each other that emit heat which serves to straighten hair. How it works is similar to a cloth iron. These two pieces of iron are used for pinning hair and then pulled slowly from the base of the hair to the ends of the hair repeatedly.

Ladies certainly want to know tips for choosing vise. Here are the tips:

Get to know your hair type first

For those of you who have thick and curly hair type, it is better to choose a large hair clamp. Whereas for those of you who have wavy and normal hair types, choose a medium size hair clamp. It is intended that you can straighten your hair with one pull. So that it can reduce the effects of heat on your hair. For those of you who have fine and straight hair types you should choose a plate that is small. So that when not sticking on your scalp.

Shape and Size of Hair Clips

Hair clamp not only can be used to straighten hair. Hair clamps can also be used to curl hair or make wavy hair. So, it is important for you to estimate in advance what functions you want so you can determine the shape and size of the hair clamp you are going to buy. The thickness of the hair also determines the size of the hair vise. If your hair is thin choose a small size hair clamp. If your hair is thick, choose a rather large size.

Material Used Hair Clamp

Materials that are often used hair clamp there are various kinds. Among ceramics, aluminum, titanium, and tourmaline. Aluminum hair clamps are cheaper. However, hair clamp from aluminum can damage the hair. Ceramic material is the best material for hair vise. But choose hair clays which are ceramic coated not full of ceramic. Because the hair clamp is made full of ceramics causing hair loss. Hair clamp made of titanium and tourmaline is claimed to be the best material. Because it can make your hair more shiny and radiant.

Temperature Used by Hair Clamp

Hair clamp how it works the same as an iron that works smoothing hair. So hair clamp needs high temperature to straighten hair. The higher the temperature used causes your hair to be damaged. So, you should buy a hair clamp that has a temperature regulator. Besides the high-quality hair clamp temperature used is more stable than hair clumsy.