Usefulness and Benefits of Dry Bag for Outdoor Lovers and Watersports

Many people today do not yet know what Dry Bag is and what it functions and uses are. In fact Dry Bag is more emphasis on the functions and benefits rather than fashion and style. However, as the development of technology and fashion, model and type Dry Bag now many kinds and models to follow the wishes and needs of each person.

Generally Dry Bag shape is cylindrical like a tube, the top is folded minimum 3x and locked, without any zippers or other cover. With PVC or Tarpaulin materials, the air inside the bag is trapped and can not get out, so the bag expands if it falls in the water, and looks like a gallon of water. For the layman, PVC or Tarpaulin material is more or less the same as the rubber boat or banana boat, only the thickness that distinguishes it. For more information you can visit

If we do trips, trips, or water sports, we surely bring our needs goods, be it electronic devices or other needs. On average Indonesians have 2 Mobile devices, or 1 Power Bank, Pocket Camera or SLR for capturing moment, food, medicine, GPS, Wallet, Money or Flashlight and Match. All these objects are a disaster for the traveler if damaged or wet exposed to water. Usually, if it rains or is on a small boat, the average person keeps it in a plastic shopping bag and is tied tightly and in a double.

So here is the actual Dry Bag function. You can see it in the video below. Dry Bag VS Trash Bag. This video explains why Dry Bag is so useful and very important for you and me who love outdoor activities and water sports.

And almost all water sports require a bag product called Dry Bag. Whether you like Diving, Fishing, Beach Tour, Rafting, Kayaking, Caving is now booming again, or make Bikers who are currently in Indonesia again the rainy season. The point is Dry Bag keep your valuables when you are doing or doing your hobby!

Happy adventure and exercise !!!