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The Department of Science Teaching is where students–and college–deepen their STEM knowledge and understanding of the latest research in teaching STEM topics through hands-on labs and interesting demonstrations. The division’s school members share a dedication to training college STEM educators to be leaders and innovators in their respective fields. Professor Aren Gerdon is the Chair of the Department of Chemistry and Physics and an Associate Professor of Chemistry at Emmanuel College. He leads his ownchemistry analysis group, focusing on biomaterials, and works intently with different analysis teams across campus.

This dedication applies but just isn’t restricted to decisions made with respect to hiring and promotion, the administration educational programs and policies, scholarship and loan packages, and athletic or other College administered programs. At first glance, a small liberal arts college could appear to be an odd place for an expert scientist. And, actually, after I took this job, I occasionally needed to clarify to colleagues that no, I wasn’t simply settling for a small school, I had actively sought this out.

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Tufts University’s Health Science Honors program is a six-week course designed to offer students with an introduction to the philosophy and practice of drugs. This program isn’t residential, and students meet twice weekly on the Tufts campus for lectures on physiology and anatomy, plus hands-on laboratory activities. Perhaps most exciting are the variety of field trips college students take to area hospitals, clinics, and medical laboratories for behind-the-scenes seems at every little thing from medical analysis to patient circumstances and therapy. Competitive students seeking to pad their faculty purposes whereas concurrently exploring an attention-grabbing topic ought to look no additional than Columbia University’s Summer Immersion program.

Students can select from a wide range of topic areas in which to spend their three weeks, while also participating in extracurricular actions, and exploring New York City. Students depart this system with evaluation letters from their instructors, as well as a statement of completion from Columbia. The Clark Scholars program at Texas Tech University is an intensive seven-week summer season analysis program open to highschool juniors and seniors. The program permits college students an opportunity for palms-on sensible research with main researchers and members of the Texas Tech college. This unique alternative, which includes weekly seminars and fields trips, additionally pays students a $750 tax-free stipend and provides room and board.

Professor Gerdon is keen about sharing his deep knowledge of chemistry with his students, guiding them from class work to practical, actual-world lab experiments. Mathematics is an integral part of science, and Boston University’s Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists is the perfect summer time program for aspiring and motivated students to hone their math skills. They’ll team up with different students, research mathematicians, counselors, and visiting scientists for a typical day of quantity theory lectures, seminars, impartial and group work and research, arms-on experiments, and plenty of fun activities.