How To Pick The Best Computer For Online Studies.

We often get distracted by the sleek designs and vibrant colors that laptops nowadays come with.

We tend to go for good-looking designs, oblivious to the software and hardware specifications these machines require to relay the best experience while learning online.

Types of computers to use for online studies.

If you are the kind of person who loves doing things on the go, then a laptop is the best machine to use for your online studies.

Laptops are light, portable, and equally powerful computers to work on. You can pop out your laptop anywhere convenient and work on your schoolwork.

This includes place such as;

  • A busy coffee shop by the street.
  • Your daily commute train.
  • A dinner table with your classmates.

However, if you prefer a more subtle environment with minimum destructions while reading or studying, then you should consider getting a desktop.

It is relatively cheaper but not quite portable as a laptop.

Hardware flaws and complications are less likely to be experienced on desktops because they are not constantly being moved.

Most schools use desktops that are fixed in particular places in their offices, classes, and libraries.

However, many educational institutions nowadays have relaxed their learning policies and allowed their students and teachers to work from home.

See for some insight on the latest policy changes in different companies.

This means more people are changing to laptops due to their portability.

Determining the best computer for online classes.

Regardless of the type of computer you get, there are certain factors of a computer that you need to consider before getting one.

These factors include:

  • Mobility- how easy is it to place it in your bag and storm off to wherever? Is it small enough? Does it fit in most of your bags?
  • Durability- how long will it last in poor conditions? Can it withstand bumps?

Also, your computer’s components require certain specifications to perform well. Here are some of these specifications.


This is also known as the CPU; the central processing unit of the computer, it is responsible for the performance and the speed of your computer.

For the best experience, look for a computer with an AMD A series or an Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processor. Computers with these processors can be a bit expensive.

However, the more expensive the processor is the better the processor is.

Good speed relates to better performance and better performance equals a good online learning experience.

Hard Drive.

This is where you store all your computer data, consider it as where you’d store your books and notes if you were enrolled in a traditional learning setup.

With thehard drive, look for a solid-state drive instead of a hard disk. It is faster and efficient.

Also, be on the look for bigger storage because this only means more storage for your online coursework data.


The RAM is responsible for allowing you to carry out multiple activities at ago. RAM stands for random access memory. It stores single-use data on your computer.

Be on the look for RAM that is of more than 2 gigabytes.

Bigger RAMs can be a little bit pricey, though they enable your computer to carry out more activities simultaneously.

This will resultantly better your online learning experience.

Operating Systems.

The operating system is responsible for controlling and managing how your computer’s data is stored or manipulated.

Microsoft Windows 8, 10 are the best-operating systems for computers, if you are a Mac person then Apple Mac OS X is the operating system to choose from.

USB ports.

Look for a computer with almost at least 2 ports.

Having the Universal Serial Bus (USB) will allow your computer to connect to other devices and communicate with them.

These devices could range from mobile phones, printers, external memory, or even other peripheral devices.

More than 2 connections relate to more devices that could share data with your device simultaneously.


With learning online, all your activities that relate to your coursework will require you to do something with your computer device.

This means either, typing up an assignment, watching a prerecorded video lecture, discussing with classmates on a real-time video conference, or carrying out research online.

For this, you will require an efficiently performing computer.

To help you make the right decisions on what laptop or electronic gadget to buy, ensure you read computer gadget store online reviews. Scroll through people’s opinions on what store offers the best deals and which to avoid.

Make sure you take into consideration most if not all of these factors before purchasing your next computer device for your online studies.