These are 5 Productive Tips for Studying at Home, Take Note Immediately!

During a pandemic like today, we spend more time at home, both productive working at home and studying at home. However, it’s not uncommon for us to feel bored if we stay at home.

There are still most people, especially school children, who haven’t found a way to stay productive even if it’s only at home.


So, here are 5 productive learning tips that you can do at home that you need to try!

Setting up a comfortable study place

Place is one of the factors that can support the smooth running of learning activities. Place greatly influences the success of the learning process.

Therefore, prepare a place to study that is as comfortable as possible, starting from adjusting the position of tables and chairs, learning tools needed, room lighting, and more.

Looking for a conducive atmosphere

The next tip is to find a conducive atmosphere. To find a conducive atmosphere at home is rather difficult, because we cannot avoid the sounds coming from family members while watching television, joking, or other activities that can cause disturbing sounds.

So that we are more focused, try to find a place and time that is conducive to studying, for example in the room. If there are too many distracting or noisy sounds, it will greatly affect our concentration when studying.

Give time to rest

When we study also need to give time to rest. We need to give pause for the brain and body to rest for a while.

You can use this rest time to eat, drink, play with your cellphone or lie down for a while to relieve fatigue.

But it should be noted to give how much time to rest, lest we get too engrossed in resting so that we forget the time. Rest is very useful to make us more focused and enthusiastic when studying.

Prepare the learning tools needed

The next productive tip for studying at home is to prepare the study tools needed. With the availability of complete learning tools, it will certainly make us more enthusiastic about learning.

Keep something that makes us unfocused

The next tip is to keep away from something that makes us not focus, for example mobile phones. Keep or store your cell phone in a certain place so you won’t be tempted to play it, because usually when you play your cell phone you can forget the time.