Top 5 Colleges Dedicated to Saving the Environment

A deliberate stance concerning environmental consciousness is now getting adopted by organizations, as it has been realized that it is only when such a stance is taken that any change will be enjoyed.

Colleges have joined the bandwagon of these organizations, and on, feedback has shown that eco-friendly energy networks are to a large extent, the means adopted to saving the environment.

Below are five colleges dedicated to saving the environment:

1. Nottingham Trent University:

The University’s clear dedication to saving the environment surpasses the extensive greenery, lakes, and period buildings present in the university. It also includes in its efforts, the reduction of carbon footprints of students and teachers alike. Its recycling culture is impressive, and over ninety percent of waste generated gets recycled. The environmental sustainability consciousness and carbon management initiatives adopted by the Nottingham Trent University has been greatly applauded, and has earned it a Green Flag award every year since 2012.

2. University of Gloucestershire:

The University’s target to manage its waste and water has been reached to a great extent, and it has helped improve the university’s environmental performance, that the volume of waste taken to the landfill has reduced to a very large extent. There are modern university facilities, all being used with the consciousness of promoting better environmental performance, and several courses and projects are introduced to ensure a sustainable environmental culture.

3. Manchester Metropolitan University:

The University’s commitment to environmental development and service is unrivaled, as apart from enjoying a high ranking on the list of UK universities demonstrating environmental ethical performance, the sustainable nature of the University is clear with the several initiatives and partnerships entered into having the purpose of reducing waste, promoting education for sustainable development, and practicing sustainability policies.

4. University of Worcester:

Known for raising awareness of the impact of carbon emissions on the environment and the promotion of the use of renewable energy rather than a primary use of fossil fuel, the University of London uses solar panels, a form of renewable energy in place of other energy alternatives hazardous to the environment. This saves resources and also saves the environment, which is a win that has earned them a high ranking on Universities promoting a good environmental culture. It is a University that also promotes biodiversity, as green spaces are located all over.

5. University of Bristol:

Over ninety-five percent of the waste generated by the University of Bristol gets recycled. Several initiatives are also promoted to encourage sustainability all around the University. This has been achieved by the introduction of car sharing, free bus passes, buildings developed with sustainability culture where renewable energy is the means by which the energy needed is generated, as well as the inclusion of natural ventilation systems.

Eco-friendly alternatives are quickly getting adopted by the Universities listed above and more, as it has been noticed that where a University is built with environmental consciousness in mind, benefits are posed to the occupants, human, plants, and animals alike within such conscious vicinity.